The Last Burroman program follows the expoits of Mark Meyers, his world famous BurroCollies and the staff of the largest donkey rescue in the country. Be sure to catch all the latest episodes here Donkey Rescue TV.


Mark Meyers is the Executive Director and Cofounder of the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Mark is the author of the highly successful book series "Talking With Donkeys" with volume 4 Riding For The Brand on sale now.  Mark is an advocate for donkeys and performs public speaking engagements all across the country.

Mark, along with the world famous BürroCøllies, travels the country working with Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies on donkey abuse, neglect and abandonment cases as well as wild burro capture projects. With nearly 5,000 rescues to their credit, no one does donkey rescue like this team.

Mark was born in Leavenworth, Kansas and did most of his growing up in Southern California. His professional background is in the construction field, he was a licensed General Contractor and a licensed Electrical Contractor. Since founding the Rescue with his wife Amy, Mark has devoted his life to improving the plight of the American Donkey. Closing his businesses in 2005, Mark and Amy went full time into the rescue field. 

Mark has written several books and has had innumerable articles published throughout the world on donkey's behavior, health and training as well as motivation, fundraising and personal philosophies. Mark and PVDR have been featured both nationally and internationally in television, documentaries, radio and nearly every major market newspaper in the United States. Mark and Bonney, one of the world famous BurroCollies,  were featured on National Geographic’s website.

Cowboy National Geographic website Death Valley Worming time A mini baby Mark and Boogie at the summit in the. Panamint Mountains Lacy Lacy Marilyn getting in on the conversation Head licking Rawhide packing in Death Valley (yes, that Death Valley) Loading donkey in Kona, HI Catching a break in Kona , HI Sheldon Baby Rawhide Staying off my feet (Amy's orders) at Donkey Town. 2013 Wrong way buddy. Winded, loading 45 donkeys in Navarro County, TX Skinny rescue from terrible case in Louisiana. In the hospital, showing everybody I was OK. #manversustractor Back brace (broken vertebrae) first time on my feet. Aftermath, blood stained tractor with the bucket. Sitting on the bucket that fell on me. Staples and stitches. Left ear re-attchaed.